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On November 13th we’ll be showing Travail at the , an expo for indie games. There will be like 20 games there, from big names to smaller ones like us! If you want to meet us or get a hans-on play of the game, then get you there!

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Here’s a little sneak peek at what we’ve been doing. Does it look comic-booky to you? Still some work to do, like retexturing the walls, the character, changing the HUD, etc. Wait until you see the pages flip…

New Style WIP 4/17/2012

Greetings adventurers!  Exciting news! A brand new trailer featuring yours truly is now available on youtube and embedded below this post. Quick and to the point, this trailer is the perfect way to showoff my daring and bravery to all of your friends. Won’t they be impressed when you show them such uncanny awesome?

And it is most fortuitous timing, for there is less than two weeks remaining to kickstart yours truly and ensure my adventures reach you this summer! Have you backed me yet? Have you told your friends? Have you checked out the demo??


Keep adventuring!
Dr. Bones



Well dear adventurers, the time has come. All travelers must one day reach their destination, and so too has IGN‘s Next Game Boss reached it’s exciting conclusion. Just three teams left in the fight for $10,000 and, more importantly, bragging rights! Haha!

Yours truly was pitted against “video games” by the talented developers at Ayyo Games and Triple B Titles. As an experienced adventurer, I naturally felt bad for the others, but I have to say, the work by the other competitors, and the competitors themselves were inspiring. The passion and talent was amazing. I wish them the best of luck!

As for the results . . . you’ll just have to watch! You can see it on youtube or watch the embed below. And make sure you vote after you watch.

And our Kickstarter campaign is still active! Help keep adventuring alive by backing my future expeditions!


Adventuring is not a cheap activity. One must purchase many important items such as rope, rations, lanterns, gizmos, doohickies, and many many changes of underwear, to name a few! Just one of those items would cost you many many monies, and adventuring requires more than one! But did you know that, despite its cost, adventures generate over 70% of the world’s excitement exports? It’s true! Without adventuring, we would all spend most of our brief dull lives filing tax returns. Ugh!

Fortunately, there is a way that you can get involved to ensure that this important industry continues in its triumphant tradition. For the low low cost of however much money you can spare, you can sponsor an adventurer in need. Me! Utilizing the newest in world wide web technology, the developers over at Grandendroit have created a Kickstarter campaign for yours truly. I’m even featured as one Kickstarter’s Staff Picks. Excelsior!
Investing in me, Dr. Indianapolis Bones will ensure that my adventures are yours to enjoy by this summer, and guarantee that there are many more to come for your children and your children’s children to enjoy. Think of the children!


Keep Donating!
Dr. Bones

The fifth episode of IGN‘s Next Game Boss is available on the world wide web! I cannot tell you how excited I am right down to my little toesies! This is the first episode after the 1v1 eliminations, and features Team Death Boulder bravely staying up all night in order to decimate their foes, three other spunky indie dev teams!

The competition was fierce, but Eli did me proud, and well . . . you’ll just have to watch for yourself. Go to youtube, or watch the embed below.


Keep Adventuring!
Dr. Bones



Though I still don’t quite grasp the underlying mechanics (where do you insert your punch card in these “games”?), I will admit that yours truly, Dr. Indianapolis Bones, has become quite engrossed with the intense competition unfolding at IGN‘s Next Game Boss! At the conclusion of my next amazing adventure I shall have to have my butler purchase one of these personal computing machines so I may try out these games for myself.

This episode is the final for round one, featuring a fearsome competition between the outstanding teams Hodge Podge and Beardo Games, all to see who shall recieve the honor of losing to yours truly in round two. Jolly good!

As always, you can watch the episode on youtube, or embedded below this very post!


Keep Adventuring!
Dr. Bones


Another episode of IGN‘s Next Game Boss is out. Your’s truly does not appear in this episode (even for a moment!), so you may be tempted to skip it, but the competitors are a pair of fantastic developers, Ayyo Games and Studio Fawn, and well worth checking out on their own right. I wish them both the best of luck, especially to the winner. They shall need it when they face me in the second round. Haha!

You can view this exciting episode on the youtube, or embedded at the end of this post.


Keep Adventuring!
Dr. Bones


Greetings adventurers! Your fearless explorer and trailblazer, Dr. Indianapolis Bones here. Exciting news! Yours truly has been chosen to be featured on IGN‘s Next Game Boss! I admit, I don’t fully understand the subject matter myself (what is a “video” game anyway?), but it seems to be some sort of exciting competitive documentary, and more importantly, it features me. Haha!

I recommend you all go watch this “webisode” post-haste, either over on the youtube, or embedded at the end of this post. Afterwards, make sure you vote for your favorite competitor at your official polling location. I imagine it will be an easy decision. Excelsior!


Keep Adventuring!
Dr. Bones