Kickstarter is live!

Adventuring is not a cheap activity. One must purchase many important items such as rope, rations, lanterns, gizmos, doohickies, and many many changes of underwear, to name a few! Just one of those items would cost you many many monies, and adventuring requires more than one! But did you know that, despite its cost, adventures generate over 70% of the world’s excitement exports? It’s true! Without adventuring, we would all spend most of our brief dull lives filing tax returns. Ugh!

Fortunately, there is a way that you can get involved to ensure that this important industry continues in its triumphant tradition. For the low low cost of however much money you can spare, you can sponsor an adventurer in need. Me! Utilizing the newest in world wide web technology, the developers over at Grandendroit have created a Kickstarter campaign for yours truly. I’m even featured as one Kickstarter’s Staff Picks. Excelsior!
Investing in me, Dr. Indianapolis Bones will ensure that my adventures are yours to enjoy by this summer, and guarantee that there are many more to come for your children and your children’s children to enjoy. Think of the children!


Keep Donating!
Dr. Bones

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