Next Game Boss Finale

Well dear adventurers, the time has come. All travelers must one day reach their destination, and so too has IGN‘s Next Game Boss reached it’s exciting conclusion. Just three teams left in the fight for $10,000 and, more importantly, bragging rights! Haha!

Yours truly was pitted against “video games” by the talented developers at Ayyo Games and Triple B Titles. As an experienced adventurer, I naturally felt bad for the others, but I have to say, the work by the other competitors, and the competitors themselves were inspiring. The passion and talent was amazing. I wish them the best of luck!

As for the results . . . you’ll just have to watch! You can see it on youtube or watch the embed below. And make sure you vote after you watch.

And our Kickstarter campaign is still active! Help keep adventuring alive by backing my future expeditions!


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