Try Out The Alpha Demo of Travail Yourself!

If you’ve recently read about Travail or seen a video and are curious how fun the game is, we have a 5-level demo for you to try. The final game will have 50 levels, lots of tweaks and fixes, many more gameplay mechanics, and more.

This is an alpha build, so expect a few bugs, non-final art and level design, and plenty of missing features and story. With that warning out of the way: have fun! It’s a unique game with a never-before-seen control scheme that is really a joy to play.


Windows   (42.6 MB)

Mac OS X    (43.9 MB)

Linux    (44.1 MB)

(last demo uploaded November 14)

If you have feedback about the game, or run into a bug and can describe how it happened, feel free to email

Also, all content in this demo are Copyright, © Grandendroit, 2013, All Rights Reserved. 🙂


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